Things I’m Afraid to Tell You

Meg from Mimi + Meg invited me to join the group of bloggers that are participating in wave 2 of a little rouse called "Things I’m afraid to tell you". The idea started with Ez’s post and Jess’s post where they brought in some reality into a world where creativity and inspiration rule. Are we human? Yes. Do we make mistakes? All the time. Are we perfect? Definitely not. But, the name of the game is striving to be the best version of yourself. I hope you have some fun reading the things I’m a little afraid to tell you.

  • I have champagne taste and a beer wallet. I want to live in a land of designer goods, but my time has not yet come. A girl can dream! I shop mostly on sale and at thrift stores. Yes, I want the newest latest “it” thing as much as everyone else, but my budget doesn’t allow for it. Also, if I stopped buying makeup for a few months, I would most likely own a baby Chanel by now.
  • My husband and I are Paleo eaters. This means we eat what our cavemen ancestors ate: meats, fruits, vegetables, and nuts. No dairy, no gluten. This can be so difficult in a world of designer cupcakes, adult milkshakes, and truffle mac & cheese, but my energy levels and overall health trumps these little luxuries. I tried having “just one” or “a sip” or “a little piece” of things with gluten and dairy, and all I get is sick. I’ve given up.
  • I wear glasses because I love them, not because I can’t see without them. I wear them like an accessory, and particularly on days when I’m short on time.
  • I hate cleavage- showing it and seeing it on other women. I know, I know, some women believe that if you got it, flaunt it. I tend to disagree. I believe it’s a “lie” that women are told to make them think they are in control, when really its a distraction and takes away from the beauty and strength that lies within. Just smile more! As the saying goes, be the type of person you would like to meet.
  • I’m a makeup hoarder. I keep samples of all kinds. (Being a Birchbox subscriber isn’t helping matters). Since I’m a makeup artist, I have expired lipsticks just to remember the name, trial sizes of mascaras I’ve tried and haven’t gotten around to buying, eyeshadow palettes with colors I might never use, and an eyeliner my mom gave me when I was 13, for sentimental reasons.
  • I’ve worn shoes that made my feet bleed because they were GORGEOUS. Haven’t we all done that? Beauty is pain. Blister-causing, pedicure-ruining, pain.
  • I never want to own a pet. I’m going to be that mom who won’t allow her kids to have a dog. I’m allergic to cats and can’t imagine having to walk a dog in the rain or clean up a mess on the sidewalk! I like to travel and I think having a pet is a deterrent to a spontaneous lifestyle. In fact, most pets steer clear of me, as if they know this. It’s taboo to say you’re anti-animal these days when Yorkies ride in strollers, but many disgusting messes, a.k.a. ruined shoes, on the sidewalks of the Upper East Side have totally converted me.

Thank you for reading, as always. Here are the other lovely participating bloggers for this round. Please feel free to share what you’re afraid to tell people on twitter! Find me @nmCaruso and use the hashtag #sorryimnotsorry

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