Best Nude Nail Polishes


Experimenting with color is one of my favorite things to do— in my wardrobe, with makeup, and on my nails. But, as trends come and go, one look remains the same: nude nails for summer.

A milky pink or sheer nude elongates the fingers, looks clean, and remains a classic for any age, occupation, and style. Some of my favorite polishes come right from the drugstore.

Let’s think economically with my favorite equation: COST PER WEAR = cost of the product / number of times used . In most cases, one bottle of polish lasts up to a year. So, the most expensive bottle ($9) divided by about 25 manicures = $0.36 per manicure! No need to be a nail salon slave any longer.

To find these pretty shades try Target, Sally Beauty Supply, or your local pharmacy.