With Fashion Week just around the corner, I have been musing over ideas for outfits to wear to the shows. An updated pair of shoes has the power elevate every day basics. Did you know these pairs are all from Free People? They really have something for everyone’s taste. While these are a bit over my budget, I’m entertaining the idea of the investment because every pair is leather—- and we all know that makes for a long-lasting shoe. Anyone else having to restrain themselves from these beauties?

September. There are so many reasons why I love this month. This September I feel especially blessed. I got to move back to New York City with the love of my life, network with amazing bloggers at the IFB Conference and Lucky FABB Conference, attend Mercedes Benz Fashion Week,  see an early screening of The Eye Has to Travel — a documentary about Vogue magazine editor Diana Vreeland, and soak up all of the inspiration around me. 

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Recapping my crazy amazing day. #nyfw #mbfw #nanettelepore #jeremyscott  (Taken with Instagram)

Recapping my crazy amazing day. #nyfw #mbfw #nanettelepore #jeremyscott (Taken with Instagram)